Focus Auto Typer Software

Focus Auto Typer is an automatic typing software. It automates typing process for your data entry job. It can be used to transfer text to any third party software such as MF Notepad, OGS Notepad App, Hub Notepad, Agent, Agent8, Text Editor, any version of Image to typing etc. Download free version of Focus auto typer and try it today.

Note: We provide full support to the clients who has valid license only. To get valid license, follow the link

Focus Form Filling Auto Typer


  • It simulate keyboard key strokes, just like manual typing. It means third party software will not be able to find whether the text transferred through auto typer.
  • You can browse the file or use can simply copy and paste the text into text box or simply drag the input file that contains text to be transformed to third party software.
  • In Focus auto typer you can adjust the typing speed and also change the typing speed in middle of typing.
  • Using play/pause/resume button you can pause the typing in middle and resume it any time.
  • You can also randomize typing speed which gives an impression like manual typing
  • We can use random backspace option to insert back spaces or else you can also select and insert backspaces at your ease
  • Also it works with the third party software where copy and paste doesn’t work
  • Keep on top option is available – some third party software won’t allow user to perform other operations like open other windows to copy and paste the text, our focus auto typer will sit above this window to select the files.
  • Will work fine with special characters as well.
  • It can display line number as well in the loaded text


Focus Auto Typer Software Focus Auto Typer Software
Focus Auto Typer Software



Rs: 0
  • Access to all features
  • Text limit: 100 chars
  • No Free upgrades
  • No Support

Rs: 0/ system

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