Why do you need Form Filling Automation ?

For almost every business application of type desktop or web application, forms are the most popular method to collect information. As companies are digitalizing their data collection process relying on CRM (customer relationship management) and ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems, user ends up with manual form filling data entry.

Manual work may seem easy but it becomes more difficult as data multiples. Manual entries are inefficient, time-consuming, and error-prone. while company upgrades to software, the data in excel need to be entered into multiple forms and there might not providing the flexible data import options.

With this problem in mind, switching from a manual process to an automated solution is significant to boost your productivity and ultimately more cost-effective. So we have come up with a software to automate excel to form filling.

What's new in Focus Form Filler Lite 3.0

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Why choose Focus Form Filler Software ?

Focus Form Filler Software

There are numerous solutions in market to automate form filling process. The available solutions needs coding or scripting which makes them difficult to use for a non-tech user. Users with simple requirements may feel the available solutions are expensive. Also time consuming to configure and they don't provide user-friendly interface.

We are providing a simple and easy to use software which can be used by non-tech users. It serves the purpose of automating simple desktop and web forms.

How it works ?

  • Prepare your data in an excel file.
  • Arrange the columns in excel as per the tab index of form input fields.
  • Open Focus Form Filler and browse an excel file
  • Select the typing speed and other available options as per your need
  • Click on start in form filler and place the cursor in web form, it will start filling forms automatically


Focus Form Filler Software offers reasonable features for the simple form filling automation.

  • Simulate keyboard key strokes just like manual typing. It means you can automate form filling in any desktop or web applications which supports keyboard navigation.
  • User friendly interface design makes it easy to use.
  • Configurable hotkeys to setup your own shortcut keys to start/stop form filling
  • Configurable hotkeys to setup your own shortcut keys to hide/show form filler on screen
  • You can keep the software filling hidden from screen still the automation will work
  • Supports excel(*.xlsx,*.xls) and csv(*.csv) format files to load data.
  • User can select from multiple excel sheets, make easy to shift between multiple forms.
  • Allows to randomize typing speed which gives an impression like manual typing.
  • Keep on top option is available, to keep form filler always on top of screen.
  • Handy option to capture screenshot
  • Option to auto-start next form filling to loop automation for bulk data
  • Supports all system keys like enter, tab, function keys etc
  • Supports to automate combination keys with Ctrl, Alt key
  • Provides custom keys that can be placed in excel. Some of the custom keys for operations like capture screenshot, pause for given seconds



Rs: 0
  • Access to all features
  • Typing limit: 10 fields
  • No Free upgrades
  • No Support

Rs: 0/ system

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