Focus Form Filling Auto Typer

Focus Form Filling Auto Typer is an automatic form filling software. It is used to automate online/offline form filling data entry process. To use this auto typer, you need to convert the images provided by clients to excel sheet and data must be arranged in tabs as per the client software requirement. Once after converting the data into excel, load the file in focus form filling auto typer and select each record and start auto form filling.

Focus form filling auto typer trail version supports all features and limits to work for only 10 fields. You can work with unlimited forms/fields after purchasing a valid license from us. Download free version of Focus Form Filling Auto Typer and try it today.

Note: We provide full support to the clients who has valid license only. To get valid license, follow the link

Focus Form Filling Auto Typer


  • Simulate keyboard key strokes just like manual typing. It means client software cannot detect auto typer.
  • User friendly interface design makes it easy to use.
  • Browse the file or simply drag the file that contains data for form filling.
  • Supports excel(*.xlsx,*.xls) and csv(*.csv) format files to load data.
  • User can select from multiple excel sheets, make easy to shift between multiple forms.
  • Easy record selection from dropdown
  • Disable column to skip typing
  • Save Screenshot in one click
  • Allows you to edit and make any corrections in the loaded data from user interface.
  • Allows you to add new row data from user interface.
  • Once completed any record transfer, it will be highlighted with green color background in grid.
  • Allows you to delete row data from user interface.
  • It works for offline and online form filling.
  • Provision to adjust the typing speed.
  • Provision to randomize typing speed which gives an impression like manual typing.
  • Random backspace option can be used to insert back spaces and the backspace frequency can also be adjusted.
  • Keep on top option is available.
  • It also supports all special characters.
  • Provides an option to show serial number for the loaded excel/csv data.


Focus Form Filling Auto Typer
Focus Form Filling Auto Typer



Rs: 0
  • Access to all features
  • Typing limit: 10 fields
  • No Free upgrades
  • No Support

Rs: 0/ system

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